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Rotor 43 - is a weapon tuning kits company. The headquarters of Rotor 43 is located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The "Rotor 43" is a military callsign of special forces group, where I served during combat missions in the Chechen Republic.

I'm an ex-military, and an engineer with secondary and higher engineering education. My name is Dmitrii Gritsenko, I am the founder and the owner of the company Rotor 43. I am glad to present you the website with our products!

At the beginning of its existence, the company Rotor 43 was a small workshop, but now our products are in demand all over the world. At first, our main customers were military, but later we began to sell our products to IPSC shooters, hunters, gun lovers.

In the website Rotor 43 you will find products that have received high ratings from professionals.

We guarantee:

  • Reliability and long service life, proven on machineguns.
  • No negative impact on accuracy, proven on sniper rifles.
  • Improved tactical performance, proven on assault rifles.

Rotor 43 is a product for professionals, but everyone can buy our products!